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Dr. Mohamed Shalaby Launches New Website, Puts Heart Healthy Tools at Every Patient's Fingertips

New Website and Social Media Page Connects Dr. Shalaby and Valuable Resources to the Community

Houston - Dr. Mohamed Shalaby, cardiovascular specialist of Houston-Clear Lake, launches new website and online tools in a commitment to help patients achieve sustaining heart health.

The new site,, provides patients, organizations and the broader population with informative articles on health and nutrition, as well as access to - with calorie counter, online physician weight loss program and measurable healthy heart strategies.

A new interactive social media page also gives the community an opportunity to hear about health tips, suggest questions to be addressed in future posts and blogs and join a physician-guided group effort to improve health.

"As the size of the obese population in the United States continues to rise alongside healthcare costs for related health conditions, it is our obligation to help our community understand some of the biggest contributors and how to reverse the trend," said Dr. Shalaby.

"We hope that the community finds the tools we provide helpful and participates in this broad effort to become healthier and live the best life possible," he added.

Dr. Shalaby is board certified in Cardiovascular Disease. On staff at St. Luke Hospital and the Texas Heart Institute, he practices cardiovascular medicine with special interest in new technologies and specialized training in peripheral vascular disease diagnosis and management, he applies a special focus to early detection of cardiac disease and preventive cardiology.

The new online tools are an extension of Dr. Shalaby’s interest in prevention and early detection, which he also advocates in his practice - helping patients develop individualized strategies to improve their health.

Check out his new website and Like him on Facebook.  Call 281.956-7070 for more information.

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