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About Dr. Shalaby

Dr. ShalabyEarning his medical degree from the University of Cairo, Egypt, Dr. Shalaby completed his Internal Medicine residency at the University of Missouri, Columbia and a cardiology fellowship training in the world-renowned Ochsner Clinic Foundation in New Orleans - where he worked under the direction of the nation's most esteemed cardiologists.

Dr. Shalaby is board certified in Cardiovascular Disease - and a member of prestigious cardiology and scientific associations. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology.

Practicing a range of cardiovascular medicine with special interest in new technologies in cardiac imaging, including cardiac CT and cardiac MRI, Dr. Shalaby obtained specialized training in peripheral vascular disease diagnosis and management.

His comprehensive experience with early detection of cardiac disease and preventive Cardiology has enabled him to design multiple cardiac wellness and preventive programs that employ education, diet, exercise, behavioral therapy and life style modifications to prevent and reduce the severity of heart disease.

Dr. Shalaby's work in early detection, weight reduction and fitness programs is saving lives of many and has changed the lives of many of his patients and friends.

A truly dedicated professional, Dr. Shalaby is a staff cardiologist at the Texas Heart Institute, the St. Luke Hospital, Clear Lake Regional Medical Center, Memorial South East Hospital, St. John Hospital and the Mainland Medical Center.

He lectures at the local and national level on the early detection of heart disease, weight loss and cardiac disease, exercise and wellness programs and a wide variety of cardiac health-related topics.

Dr. Shalaby discusses the cost of prescription medications, lower blood pressure guidelines and a study that reports misdiagnose is a major issue on Great Day Houston

Dr. Shalaby explains how to maintain a
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Dr. Shalaby discusses diabetes and
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Dr. Shalaby discusses maintaining a healthy lifestyle
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Bolder Heart Health in the Golden Years - Book Cover

"BOLDER: A Guide to Heart Health in The Golden Years"

by Dr. Mohamed Shalaby

WEBSTER, Texas — Take control of your heart health and live a healthier, happier life in old age. "BOLDER", a new book by Dr. Shalaby, is an essential guide to understanding how your cardiovascular health influences overall well-being as you get older. Filled with evidence-based tips, this one-stop resource shows you how to make wise, informed decisions about your heart health. Available now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Prevent, Detect and Reverse Heart Disease - Book Cover

Dr. Shalaby's new book empowers readers to take control of their and their loved ones' heart health.

"Prevent, Detect and Reverse Heart Disease"

by Dr. Mohamed Shalaby

WEBSTER, Texas — Heart disease is the number-one cause of death around the world and in the United States. It accounts for almost 380,000 American deaths a year — that is about one in six — according to the American Heart Association’s Heart Disease and Stroke Statistical Update 2014. Indeed, about 2,150 Americans die every day from some form of heart disease, one every 40 seconds. The American Heart Association estimates that the disease costs Americans $315.4 billion a year, including health expenses and lost productivity.

Future of Cardiovascular Health - Book Cover

New Book by Dr. Mohamed Shalaby

Heart Healing Stories
by Dr. Mohamed Shalaby

In this book the reader will learn about the evolution of cardiovascular medicine all the way from 1500 B.C. up till now. The fields of heart disease and cardiology have been improvised drastically as time progressed over the years.

This book is designed for those enthusiasts who like to discover deeper into cardiovascular medicine in the field of medicine and its evolution. Heart Healing Stories also unveils how people of the ancient times discovered and cured heart diseases which were once unknown to human being like us. The link between arteries and blood pressure to heart failure and many other illnesses are discussed thoroughly for the readers to understand.

Health Grades - 2016 Five Star Recipient for Coronary Procedures

Board certified and fellowship trained, Dr. Shalaby has over 20 years of experience in cardiovascular medicine.

Training under some of the best cardiologists in the nation, Dr. Shalaby is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology and board certified in Cardiovascular Disease. His office is conveniently located in the heart of the Clear Lake community. He is also a staff physician at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, the Texas Heart Institute and southeast Houston area hospitals. His focus is on education and early detection for a long healthy life.

Future of Cardiovascular Health - Book Cover

Future of Cardiovascular Health: Let's Face It: Heart Health Is Paramount
by Dr. Mohamed Shalaby

The book 'The Future of Cardiovascular Health' highlights technological contribution to cardiovascular diseases. It is a combination of diversified technological means for CV treatment. The book is a key to understand the usage of technology in future for health care and exercise. The revolutionary concepts introduced, will change the way we evaluate and treat cardiac disease in the future. It highlights the influence of social media, digital technology, genetic modifications, meditation, spiritual practices, exercise, minimally invasive procedures and their change in cardiovascular care.

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Heart Health Action Plan

Decoding Heart Disease
by Dr. Mohamed Shalaby

Millions of people across the country suffer from a collection of cardiac conditions grouped under the umbrella term heart disease. Yet few people truly understand what this diagnosis means—and more importantly, what they can do to mitigate the effects of the disease.

Now, renowned cardiologist Mohamed Shalaby, MD, FACC, draws from his years of experience successfully treating heart patients and collects his wisdom and knowledge into one accessible volume.

Told in narrative form, this book introduces readers to a number of patients with an array of different forms of heart disease. Each case begins with the patient’s presenting complaint and follows along the process of physical examination, lab work, testing, diagnosis, and discussion of treatment between the doctor and patient.

Heart Health Action Plan

Dr. Shalaby discusses aspects that make a person more vulnerable to heart disease as outlined in his book Heart Heath Action Plan.

One of the most pronounced is not getting enough healing sleep. Another is sleep apnea and if not treated will continue to damage your body.

Research show depression and stress increase your chance of having heart problems.

Medically approved relaxation techniques can reduce your chance of a heart attack or stoke by thirty percent.

Heart Health Action Plan

Heart Health Action Plan
by Dr. Mohamed Shalaby MD

Knowledge is power, and Heart Healthy Action Plan provides a wealth of knowledge, delivered in a friendly, conversational manner, that will empower you to take control of your and your loved ones' heart health.

Author and early detection cardiology specialist Mohamed Shalaby, MD, FACC, spends early chapters of the book explaining, in easily digestible terms, the scale of the problem, what the different types of heart disease are, and risk factors, as well as raising awareness about special populations who can be easily missed, such as women, youths, and athletes. He also includes a useful chapter on finding scientifically approved testing methods that are simple, safe, and economically feasible.

Heart Disease

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